Family Life Coaching in the Home or Classroom

Parent Coaching

  • Contact Susan for Details
  • Ask about “Family Meetings with a Friend”

Workshops for Parents or Teachers

  • Empowering Anxious Kids in an Anxious World
  • The Screentime Dilemma
  • The CALM approach with Children and Youth
  • The CALM approach with Adults
  • Healthy Habits for the Heart of the Teacher
  • Responding Well to Big Feelings and Meltdowns
  • Your Family’s Spirituality: Your Family’s “Why?”
  • Topic of Your Choice

Classroom Observations

  • 30-minute observation plus a one-hour brainstorming meeting with the teacher
  • Team meetings with school personnel and parents
  • Sharing and Caring together to ensure your child’s success

After a year of stress from Covid and lockdown, our family of 6 was communicating in unhealthy ways with a lot of screaming. Each child had different needs and expressed their emotions in different ways. We didn’t know how to break the unhealthy cycle and establish new rhythms while providing what each child needed. Enter Susan. Susan encouraged us as parents and provided us with tools, asking great questions and giving positive feedback. She helped us figure out new, healthy ways to relate as a family and how we could not only help our children but empower them to make choices toward their own health and wholeness. We are incredibly thankful for Susan’s help and consider our time with her to be one of the best investments for our family that we have ever made.”


- 10/14/21