What People are Saying (Continued)

What People are Saying

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We started seeing Susan because my eldest daughter’s anxiety (age 8) had intensified to the point that we no longer had the tools to cope or effectively help her. Susan taught us to validate not only our own feelings as parents, but also our children’s. Her teaching us how our daughter’s brain works when she spirals and how to help her move through it (drawing a picture of her feelings, breathing techniques, stress-relieving tools), how to still give our other two daughters (5 and 2) the attention they need and how to give ourselves self-care so that we are better able to love them has been life-changing for our family.”

Family Coaching Client

The past 4 years have been challenging as my husband and I had to learn how to navigate adolescent anxiety that swept through our home.  Many days it was more than either of us knew how to handle!  I met with counselors, read books and prayed A LOT!  God was faithful to hold us together as we tired new things and slowly gave us the next steps in the process. One of the greatest gifts we received came this past year when God brought us Susan Holt!!  It was exactly what we needed to take some very important key steps in turning the corner with the extreme anxiety that had been keeping our lives in chaos! Susan was incredible at listening to our struggles and offering key stepping stones to help us take necessary action toward change and make the impact we needed!  Her support and encouragement were vital in doing some hard things, that brought about exactly what was necessary to bring peace back into our home. Thank you so much Susan!  You’ve been a great coach, adviser and friend!”


Having worked with Susan for a number of years, I can honestly say that she has a true gift for connecting with people, both children and adults.  Her life’s work is all about helping her students and clients see new ways to face challenges, solve problems and manage stress.  Susan’s unique blend of empathy, wisdom and humor endear her to everyone who has the good fortune to work with her.  Additionally, her professionalism and attention to detail ensure that the work is done to a high standard of quality and care.  I highly recommend Susan for any individual or group who is wanting support and guidance through a challenging time.”