Family Life Coaching in the Home or Classroom

Parent Coaching

  • Contact Susan for Details
  • Ask about “Family Meetings with a Friend”

Workshops for Parents or Teachers

  • Empowering Anxious Kids in an Anxious World
  • The Screentime Dilemma
  • The CALM approach with Children and Youth
  • The CALM approach with Adults
  • Sharing and Caring: Empower Your Kids to Solve Conflicts
  • Navigating Big Feelings with a Whole-Brain Child (based on the book by Dan Seigel and Tina Payne Bryson)
  • Your Family’s Spirituality: Your Family’s “Why?”
  • Topic of Your Choice

Classroom Observations

  • One hour observation at your school
  • Team meetings with school personnel and parents
  • Sharing and Caring together to ensure your child’s success

My daughter’s anxiety had intensified to the point where we could no longer help her. Susan taught us to validate our feelings as parents, and our children’s. Her teaching us how our daughter’s brain works when she spirals and how to help her move through it (drawing a picture of her feelings, breathing techniques, stress-relieving tools) and how to give ourselves self-care has been life-changing for our family.”