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Calming Vaccination Anxiety

by Susan Townsend Holt • January 2021

Timely Advice from a Parenting Pro

Help! My 5-year-old has a huge fear of doctors, nurses, and even the pediatrician’s office. He has an older sister who has been trying to help him be brave about getting shots, but all this a done is cause more anxiety. He is due for a bunch of vaccinations in the next few months. How should I handle this?

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How to Empower Your Holidays

by Susan Townsend Holt • November, 2020

6 Essential Strategies for Families

We’ve been working at home, learning at home, and staying safer at home since March, and I’m happy to report, everyone in my family is physically healthy and safe. My kids have started to ask questions about the holiday season and how we will make it special under these extraordinary circumstances. Do you have any strategies?

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Coping with Custody

by Susan Townsend Holt • October 2020

Should We Involve the Kids?

The decision is final, and we are getting a divorce. My partner and I are working with our lawyers and a counselor to figure out our custody arrangement. Our kids are nine and eleven. Should we involve them in this process?

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Managing Childcare and Preschool Drop-off Anxiety

by Susan Townsend Holt • September 2020

Parenting Advice from a Pro

I’ll be dropping off my 3-year-old at a childcare center for the first time this month, and I’m extremely nervous. Do you have any tips for parents? What if there are separation issues?

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Today’s Boys and Babysitting

by Susan Townsend Holt • June 2020

Why It’s Probably a Good Idea

I have always counted on my older kids to take care of my toddler, and because I’m working from home now, that has become even more important. My 13-year-old son is saying he shouldn’t have to take care of his little sister because he’s a boy. I know this is nonsense. I’d like to hear from an expert on this one.

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How to Stop the Squabbling

by Susan Townsend Holt • May 2020

Parenting Advice from a Pro

Like everyone else, we have been spending a lot of time together recently. My two kids (nine and twelve) fight with each other constantly. In the beginning, I separated them early and often, but really, that gave them exactly what they wanted. How can I help my kids co-exist? When should I intervene in the fighting?

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Kindergarten Readiness

by Susan Townsend Holt • April 2020

From Kindergarten to Pondering Career Choices

My son will turn five in September, and I can’t decide if he’s ready for kindergarten. Are there any solid indicators in your opinion?

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Parenting Advice from a Pro

by Susan Townsend Holt • March 2020

5 Tips for Enhancing Body Image and Confidence

Our 14-year-old son is built like me, thin and wiry, while my 12-year-old daughter is the picture of her father – stronger and heavier with very broad shoulders. Unfortunately, she’s getting unwanted attention about this from so-called friends and family members. Where do I start with this one?

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When Your Baby is a Biter

by Susan Townsend Holt • January-February 2020

Strategies from a Parenting Expert

My 2-year-old son is biting other toddlers at our childcare center and I don’t know where to start. Do you have recommendations to stop this behavior?

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Parenting Through Gift Overload

by Susan Townsend Holt • December 2019

Friendly Suggestions for Generous Family Members

Between our families, my wife and I have four sets of grandparents and three siblings on both sides. All of these people will be buying gifts for our two kids (ages six and eight), who are the only grandkids in the extended family so far. How do I teach my kids gratitude when this embarrassment of riches comes their way? 

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6 Strategies to Maximize Mealtime

by Susan Townsend Holt • November 2019

Mindful Moments, the Gratitude Bowl, and more

Time for dinner!” is a phrase uttered nightly in homes across the country. And in this hurried culture, it’s more important than ever to make time for meals enjoyed together.  When I was a child, it wasn’t a choice; it was an expectation. And we didn’t mind! It was a…

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Can Your Kids Be Pruned?

by Susan Townsend Holt • October 2019

Tips for Parenting Tweens

A friend of mine is what I call a pushover with her tween kids. It seems like she’s afraid to reign them in for some reason – like she’s worried about how they will respond. My oldest is seventeen, and I feel like I know what this mom is in for if she doesn’t figure this out soon. Any ideas for my friend? 

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Kids, Parents, and Phones at School?

by Susan Townsend Holt • September 2019

To Text or Not to Text

My 12-year-old daughter is starting middle school and she just received a phone for her birthday. I have heard some schools have policies about keeping phones out of class or at least in the backpack, but I’m not sure about ours. A mom friend of mine told me she texts her kids during the school day all the time. Is this the norm? Should we come up with some rules for using the phone while she’s at school? 

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Navigating Temper Tantrums

by Susan Townsend Holt • August 2019

The System that Just Might Work

My 4-year-old son is making a name for himself all over Richmond. He has had major meltdowns at the pool, the movie theater, and the grocery store. Do you have any guidance for handling temper tantrums? 

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