Boundaries Online Study Group



“Learn when to say YES, and how to say NO

to take control of your life.”

– Dr. Townsend, author of the NY Times bestselling book, Boundaries

It would be my joy

to guide you on a path of growth in scripture and self-awareness that I’ve been on for many years. It has been life-giving for me, and I want to share it with you. Together, we will explore:

  • What does God say about setting clear but loving boundaries?
  • Can I set limits and still be a loving person?
  • How can I respond to people who want to control my time, love or money?
  • Who are “safe people” and how do I find them in my life?

About Me

Facilitator: Susan Townsend Holt, M.Ed
Board-Certified Family-Life Coach

I am a Board-Certified Family Life Coach and also a Parent Educator with Everyday Parenting Solutions. I have had intense training in Boundaries through the Townsend Leadership Program and the Townsend Institute, both directed by the author of this best-selling book, Dr. John Townsend. I’m also delighted to say that Dr. Townsend is my brother (and I imagine he’s delighted to say that I’m his sister!) so I continue to learn alongside him on my professional journey. I hold a Master’s degree in education and 30 years of teaching and coaching experience with both children and adults. My expertise is in building connection by developing social/emotional intelligence for healthier families and resilient children who know how to love unconditionally as well as honor boundaries of others and their own.

Boundaries are not about changing others –

it’s about responding to others from a healthier place, emotionally and spiritually.


#LifeChangingtotheMAX!! It opened my eyes to “fences and gates” that taught me to push the bad out and allow only the good in! Learning how to set boundaries in all aspects of my life has made me a happier person by giving me a renewed sense of “owning” my life”.”

This is a great open forum with excellent material.”

It was particularly helpful to be able to relate and hear others’ perspectives”

I needed to learn how to stop rescuing people.”

Susan teaches truth in love.”

There should be more classes like this!”

“I am enjoying the Boundaries Study Group with Susan. The book is outstanding and it has been a vital part of helping me grow and build healthier stronger relationships over the last 10 years. Susan is so great at teaching and drawing the group together.”

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