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Find Out More

As a Board Certified Life and Family Coach,

I will help you move through those “stuck” places in life, whether at work or at home.

As a LIFE COACH, How Can I Help YOU?

It would be my honor to help you embrace life’s challenges and grow through them, to find hope and joy again. My training will give you tools to move into a new season of life, and my life experience will give you an empathetic listener and advocate to walk this path with you. From a small-town upbringing that keeps me real, through 10 years in the business of advertising, I learned who I was and what I valued. After earning my Master’s Degree in Education, I joyfully transitioned into 27 years of teaching, training, and ultimately coaching children and adults, both in their personal and professional lives. Mix in raising two precious daughters with a husband of 35 years, and an unquenchable thirst for learning, and you can be confident I am ready and able to empower you with self-awareness, healthy boundaries and positive choices for your life.

AS a FAMILY COACH, How Can I Help You?

Parenting is indeed the hardest job on earth! And the most important. I will partner with you to leverage learning from my own sweet parenting experience, while incorporating the current research on neuroscience, the value of Emotion Coaching and the effectiveness of logical consequences over punishment. You will be empowered to connect better as a family. You will learn to use calm and firm, but loving methods, to help your children become resilient and able to face life’s challenges.

As Assistant Director and a faculty member of Everyday Parenting Solutions, a parenting center at Canterbury Pre-School, I can also connect you with services from all of our child development specialists! Ask me, or call our Director, Mia White, at 804-741-4118.

My Coaching Process

What Will We Do?

  • Begin with a free 30 minute “Get Acquainted Visit” on the phone.
  • Sign a Coaching Agreement and review my BCC Code of Ethics.
  • Complete a first visit “Welcome Interview” to determine your initial coaching focus.
  • Continue with regular coaching visits.
  • Life Coaching? Complete rewarding “Fieldwork” between visits to accomplish your goals.
  • Family Coaching? Engage in family-centered “Homework” between visits. What works and what needs tweaking for your family and your parenting style?
  • Make measurable strides FORWARD toward your vision for life and your family.

Where Will We Meet?

  • MY OFFICE is located in my home. It’s a comfy quiet place in the West End.
  • HOME-AWAY-FROM-HOME locations are plentiful if you prefer a good coffee place or restaurant where we can have privacy.
  • FACETIME or PHONE. I will accommodate you and your schedule, so we can focus on YOUR life and YOUR goals, stress-free.


What Will It Cost?

  • I encourage bundling coaching in packages of three visits, or 3 months.
  • You can pay as you go, or I can invoice you.
  • My prices are very reasonable.
  • Self-pay only (I cannot take insurance).

What is Coaching?

As your coach, I will partner equally with you to help you move through those “stuck” places in life, whether at work or at home. I will help you gain clarity about your personal values and needs through tools developed specifically for coaching. And we will work together so that you can set boundaries and make choices for a future you desire for you or your family.

I have re-invented myself three times,

All of them scary, and all of them successful. I’d like to help you find your new path too.

What People Are Saying

Susan has that rare combination of extraordinary empathy paired with the ability to help move clients forward with a gentle nudge. She is very skilled at finding the source of her clients’ challenges and helping them to see another path that will help them grow in the direction of self-actualization. I believe coaching is an art as much as it is a science. Susan’s natural gift for connecting with people and her broad education bring both art and science to her work.


Susan’s guidance has been instrumental in helping my son thrive in school. She has given him advice on how to work with classmates, how to resolve conflicts and how to tame those emotions that sometimes boil over. She has talked our whole family through a difficult move. Giving advice on how to best handle things as parents and also assisting our kids on expressing their feelings and concerns about moving to a new house. Her strengths involve helping children stay calm, processing their emotions (even when they’re too young to identify what they’re feeling), and working together to find solutions to different challenges. Always reassuring and uplifting, I’m glad to have Susan as a resource to help me and my children navigate the river of life.


Susan’s insightful coaching helped me move through a difficult time with more confidence, and gave me a greater ability to discern how to take care of myself while being a primary caregiver.