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Online Workshops and Coaching Available Now

Also available to meet with you in person

1) The Screen Time Dilemma - Elementary

How to Use Love, Boundaries, and Your Family Values to Help Your Elementary Child Manage Media in an Increasingly Virtual World .
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2) The Screen Time Dilemma - Middle & High School

How to Use Love, Boundaries, and Your Family Values to Help Your Tween or Teen Manage Media in an Increasingly Virtual World .
Find out more about Susan’s virtual workshops.

3) Empowering Your Family for the Journey Ahead

What are strategies to empower my family with strength and staying power for life’s challenges ahead?
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Discover How Individualized Family Life Coaching Can Help.
Schedule your free 30 minute get-acquainted call and let’s talk about what you want for your family.
Find out more about Susan’s individualized Family Life Coaching.

I will help you move through those “stuck” places in life.

As a Board-Certified Family Life Coach, I will help you grow in:

  • Setting loving boundaries with positive discipline
  • Emotional intelligence, the number one predictor of success in life
  • Developing relationships full of grace and truth.



About Me

I was raised in a small North Carolina town by parents who taught me the value of unconditional love, communication and a deep faith. Through 10 years in advertising, 27 years of teaching and coaching children and adults, and re-tooling myself in graduate school while raising a precious family of my own, I am thrilled to unpack my experiences and my training to empower and equip others.

My Family Life Services

What Services Are Offered?

  • Parent Coaching – Individual
  • Parent Workshops
  • Teacher Workshops
  • Observations –  of your child in his/her classroom environment
  • Online and In-Person Group Coaching available

Where Will We Meet?

  • Workshops are interactive and online.
  • Individual coaching can be online.
  • Individual coaching is also welcome in my home-office in the West End or at a coffee shop of your choice, as allowed by current pandemic restrictions. 


Contact Susan or email directly at susan@susanholtcoaching.com to:
  • Book a 30 minute Get-Aquainted call at no charge. Let’s talk about your parenting needs.
  • Book a workshop for your parent, school PTA or your faith-based organization.
  • Book Susan or choose a workshop with a specialist from the Everyday Parenting Solutions team.

What I Bring to You

  • Board-Certified Family Life Coach, The Institute for Life Coach Training (ICF and CCE endorsed)
  • Master’s in Education for K through Adult
  • Leadership training through the Townsend Leadership Program 
  • Social/Emotional Learning expertise in coaching children through difficult times, as Dean of Students and “Character Coach” for a local independent school
  • TownsendNOW Certified Role Play Coach for those difficult conversations
  • Director and Parent Coach with Everyday Parenting Solutions
  • Board Member, Family Life Coaching Association

The Parenting Pyramid

3 simple principles and one vision for parenting in any season

What People Are Saying

Having worked with Susan for a number of years, I can honestly say that she has a true gift for connecting with people, both children and adults.  Her life’s work is all about helping her students and clients see new ways to face challenges, solve problems and manage stress.  Susan’s unique blend of empathy, wisdom and humor endear her to everyone who has the good fortune to work with her.  Additionally, her professionalism and attention to detail ensure that the work is done to a high standard of quality and care.  I highly recommend Susan for any individual or group who is wanting support and guidance through a challenging time.”


My husband and I began virtually meeting with Susan about once a week and continued to meet with her for a little less than a year.  In that time she helped us constructively focus on empathy, boundaries and family communication.  We never spoke in theory but addressed issues pragmatically as they exist in today’s current environment.   Since meeting with Susan, we have taken steps toward  accessing the right kind of help for our daughter while we continue to use many suggestions learned through our time with Susan.  She was always there for us and we’re confident she would be again should we need her services in the future.


Susan has that rare combination of extraordinary empathy paired with the ability to help move clients forward with a gentle nudge. She is very skilled at finding the source of her clients’ challenges and helping them to see another path that will help them grow in the direction of self-actualization. I believe coaching is an art as much as it is a science. Susan’s natural gift for connecting with people and her broad education bring both art and science to her work.”


Susan’s guidance has been instrumental in helping my son thrive in school. She has given him advice on how to work with classmates, how to resolve conflicts and how to tame those emotions that sometimes boil over. She has talked our whole family through a difficult move. Giving advice on how to best handle things as parents and also assisting our kids on expressing their feelings and concerns about moving to a new house. Her strengths involve helping children stay calm, processing their emotions (even when they’re too young to identify what they’re feeling), and working together to find solutions to different challenges. Always reassuring and uplifting, I’m glad to have Susan as a resource to help me and my children navigate the river of life.”